Postcards to Mum: Full collection

When I went to see the people at Mum’s home to tell them Mum had died we had a bit of a chat. And one of the things that they spoke about was the postcards I’d been sending to Mum every week. How they liked them. How they talked about them - both with Mum but also amongst themselves. How they felt as if they’d seen me grow up through them.

Postcards to Mum: Close up

When I emptied Mum’s room I collected the postcards together and brought them back with me. There are 75 of them. Each with a sentence of two of Mum’s back story and a sentence of two of what I’d been up to.

I’m glad that I did them. And I’m glad that they were appreciated.

And just for completeness, here’s the links to the posts I made each time I ordered a new batch of postcards:
* Set 1 - October 2011
* Set 2 - March 2012
* Set 3 - January 2013
* Set 4 - September 2013
* Set 5 - April 2014
* Set 6 - November 2014

I still have a few of that last set unused.