• Mother’s Day

    Avoiding Mother’s Day displays, cards, etc. is something I’ve become adept at. They don’t surprise me. Emails from organisations, tho, are obtrusive and invade my inbox.


  • Lean on me

    Sometimes being in a choir exposes me to songs that I thought I already knew. There’s a bit of a sound experiment going on tomorrow, and our choir leader has asked us to refresh our memories on Royals (from a year or so ago), When Doves Cry (from this term), and Lean On Me (which they sang before I joined). It’s the last one that has lyrics that speak to me now. I doubt I’d have thought about them in the same way before losing Mum and Dad. But now they resonate so deeply.


  • Engage and Create at TEDxBrighton

    I first met Rachel in February 2014 when she did a talk at Nixon McInnes. We met for coffee a few days later. And I joined her advisory board.


  • Emoji as spelling aid

    I was writing a message to a friend the other day about desserts. And I noticed that this helpful little emoji popped up when I got the spelling right:


  • Book spine poetry

    I discovered the existence of Nina Katchadourian’s Sorted Books project yesterday. And I love the idea.


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