• Travels with an iPhone

    For the first time ever I went on a City break with only my mobile phone camera. Usually I’d take the Nikon d7000 and a couple of lenses. But I decided that I’d see what it was like to travel light.


  • Internet password book

    I popped into WHSmiths after work to buy some wrapping paper. Whilst I was there I spotted this.


  • Colour and Vision

    On Monday I visited the Colour and Vision exhibition at the Natural History Museum. I enjoyed this in a couple of quite different ways.


  • A retractable fountain pen?

    A couple of months ago I saw a photo on instagram of somebody’s collection of fountain pens. One of these pens looked a bit unusual. It didn’t have a lid. But it did have a clip. I was curious, had a look around the internet, and discovered that there was such a thing as a retractable fountain pen. What kind of witchcraft was this?


  • Was it worth it?

    I’ve been doing some work under what I call the “Continuous Improvements” banner recently. These tend to be small bits of automation that help our report writers. They aren’t massive projects, and are often just changes to the report templates to help with consistency.


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