• Forest walk in spring rain

    The colours were beautiful. The birds were singing loudly and proudly. It may have been raining off and on, but nature was there in all its splendid glory. A great day to be out and about.

  • Today’s bake: Cornish fairings

    When I visited a friend last week I mentioned that I’d just started doing a virtual Lands End to John O’Groats challenge (more on that in another post in a couple of weeks). I also mentioned that another friend had suggested I eat something from each county I “visit”. My friend told me that she had a book of county by county recipes and thought there might be something useful in there. So she sent me a recipe for Cornish fairings. They’re an easy bake, don’t take long, and have the right amount of gingery kick to them. And of course, are relevant to where I am in my virtual journey - I’ve just finished my first 50 miles and am very close to the Cornwall services. No doubt a salubrious place to spend a Saturday evening!

  • Lake wood

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