• A perfect charging spot

    We were driving along the M4 when we decided to find a charger to top up. When I looked at zap map there were chargers available at motorway services, but we try and avoid those when we can. I looked around the area more and found a charger with lakes and water nearby. This looked intriguing.

    We found three available high-enough speed chargers in the car park of a pub next to a nature reserve. We discovered that one of the lakes had a walk along the edge of it giving us all a bit of a leg stretch. The pub was dog friendly (at least in the garden) and gave us a dog bowl full of water and a treat, for Breezy.

    This is my ideal charging location - a nice place for a walk, near somewhere to get a drink and with toilet facilities available.

  • Today’s walk: Bishop’s wood

    Today was our traveling home day, and we wanted to have a decent walk before we left the area completely, so we headed into the Wye Valley and followed a walk from Herefordshire and Wye Valley: Great short walks for all the family book. We had to cut it short as Breezy got too excited by the pheasant she flushed out of the undergrowth. But it was a near-perfect walk with woodland shade to wander through and a great start and end point with a car park, a firetruck serving great coffee, and some picnic tables overlooking the river. It was a good walk to end our holiday with.

  • Today’s walk: Tor y Foel

    Another walk from the new book. The hill climb through bracken and rough grass with sheep distractions proved too much for Breezy, so we skirted around the hill rather than getting to the top of it. The other walks book had a different route to the top which might have proved easier, but wouldn’t have given us the enjoyable walk along the canal towpath.

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