• Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    On the way back from a recent holiday - staying at Hull, Borders, East Yorkshire - we dropped by the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I expected it to be an hour or so’s distraction from the drive. Instead, we spent almost 5 hours there. I loved it.


  • Farewell Lovefilm

    We’ve been Lovefilm subscribers for a long time. This week Amazon has announced they’re killing the service at the end of October. I had a rush of sadness when I got their email. Unexpected sadness.


  • I sung at the Roundhouse

    On Sunday, I stood on a stage with 99 other singers from the Soul of the City choirs. At the Roundhouse. In London. As part of the Voices Now Festival. I keep having to repeat these words to myself. I’m sure they’ll sink in at some time. I’ve sung at the Roundhouse. What a beautiful sentence that is.

    Voices Now only managed to record the first part of the first half, (tho I believe that there are full videos to come later) but it ends with our showpiece, “Royals”, which starts about 13 minutes in. The first 5 minutes or so is a piece called Echo Chamber and produced a gorgeous warm yet haunting sound. I love this. I’ve listened to it quite a few times and it still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and tears fall. Stunning. For me it really shows off the magnificence of the human voice. The final soloist is one of our tenors, and his solo is immediately followed by a Vox Pop by the lovely Dene who is one of our Alto 1s. The combination of familiar voices and Dene’s words get to me everytime. Beautiful.


  • Normalise not spotlight

    I’ve had coaching sessions with the lovely Hayley since January. And I’m getting to the point where I’m identifying the themes that make me buzz - with excitement, or, sometimes, fear. It has been an interesting period of reflecting on what I react to, and whether those reactions are for good or bad reasons. One of the things I’ve got written down is “equality and inclusivity”. And as I have been exploring more what that means to me I received a link to this article in the SheSays Brighton newsletter the other day.


  • Mother’s Day

    Avoiding Mother’s Day displays, cards, etc. is something I’ve become adept at. They don’t surprise me. Emails from organisations, tho, are obtrusive and invade my inbox.


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