I’ve just received my 6th set of postcards for Mum. As with previous sets I rely on these blog posts to prevent duplicates. So here goes with this set.

Batch 1

Storyline postcards Set 6 Batch 1

Top: Me and Mum on Brighton sea front circa 2001
2nd Row: Mum, Gran and I with Gran’s 80th birthday tea, Mum watching me get made up on my wedding day, Mum and I on the Norfolk coast
3rd Row: Mum, me and Richard at Virginia Water, Hilary and Mum, Mum and the flowers in our back garden
4th Row: family at Christmas in the late 90s, Mum and I peeping out from behind the Magna Carta monument, Me and Mum at my wedding

Batch 2

Storyline postcards Set 6 Batch 2

Top: Family at my wedding
2nd row: Richard, Mum and me and my first car, Mum and other MU members at a church Christmas fayre, Mum
3rd row: Mum and I in Norfolk, Mum, Mum and her trophy winning netball team
4th row: Dad, me and Mum Christmas 1975, Mum and me with Anne and Simon in Scotland 1978, Mum at a school reunion