Moo postcards Set 2

After the success of set 1 I decided to order a second set (there are still 5 left from the first set but I wanted to ring the changes a bit). I've used the feedback I've had from the staff to help me decide which photos to get done. These have been determined to be a success, so much so that I've filled an entire notice board over the past 6 months and Mum's keyworker is thinking up projects that she can do with them.

The photos are, column by column, top to bottom:

Far left: Mum and her Dad, Mum as bridesmaid for her friend Anne's wedding, Mum in Austria, Mum in the Yorkshire dales, Mum with her Aunt and Uncle on the beach in Scarborough

Second from left: Mum on a beach somewhere, Mum and her Mum on the beach in Bridlington, Mum's final school report

Middle: Mum's national identity card, Mum as bridesmaid for her schoolfriend Ann's wedding - this is a hand coloured photo, Mum as a little girl, Mum's "The Sound of Music" album

Second from right: Mum and her Dad, Mum and Dad at the Tall Ships festival in Newcastle, Mum

Far right: Mum and Dad in Norway, one of Mum's ornaments, Mum and the ladies in her choir, Mum with me and Gran at my friend Rachel's wedding (I was bridesmaid), Mum, Dad and her friend Anne in the lakes