As part of my method of helping to share Mum's storyline with her keyworker and other staff at her care home I got some postcards printed.

Top row: Mum and I, Mum's embroidery done when she was a teenager, Mum as a small child, Mum as an adult, Me at Christmas 1975, Me and Mum and my pet rabbit

Next row: Skitters amongst the flowers, Richard, me and Mum in London, Gran and Mum on Gran's 90th birthday, Me, Mum and a donkey, Me and Mum in the front window of our family house

Next row: Mum and Dad with the American relatives, and Eddie Stobart lorry from her collection of things, Skitters curled up on a rug Mum crocheted, Dad and Mum in Austria on holiday

Bottom row: My christening, me, Grandma, Grandad, me and Mum on Grandma and Grandad's Ruby wedding anniversary, Mum and I in our best sun-hats

So far one of these has been sent. It contained a bit about my week, and a bit about the picture on the front of the card. When we visited Mum in August we bought her a cork board for her room so that the collection of postcards had somewhere to live.