Last years efforts

Last December I decided to make some paper snowflakes to decorate the office. They started off simple. And through December got a bit more intricate.

On Tuesday I had my first request from a colleague to make some more for this year. So I did.

Here’s the first one, left on the screen of my friend

First effort

It started off a lot more refined and intricate than the first one last season. So I’ve not completely forgotten what to do. Phew!

I made one for the person who asked if I would make some.

And then have made a few more over the course of the week.

The ones I’m most pleased with are an Empire State Building inspired one for a friend visiting New York in April

Empire State Building snowflake

And a Humber Bridge one for me.

Paper snowflake Humber Bridge

The reason I’m writing this blog post is because this is the first hint of creativity I’ve felt since Mum died. I’ve taken to scribbling down ideas for snowflakes. And then trying things out to see what works. I’ve been thinking about different paper stock. And whether different sized scissors would make a difference. Or whether I should dig out my craft knife and cutting board. I have no idea whether this will last, or will move on to other creative endeavours. But it’s nice to know that this bit of my brain still fires. I haven’t lost it for ever. It has just been resting.