I spent yesterday afternoon at the Towner Gallery visiting the David Nash: 200 Seasons exhibition. It is quite a large exhibition, and I spent a happy couple of hours there.

I knew nothing of David Nash. His name wasn’t familiar. I wasn’t aware of seeing any of his work before. I now realise that I had encountered his Seventy-one Steps piece at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park when I visited a few years ago.

I enjoyed how nature, and trees specifically, play such a part in his work. As inspiration, as source material, and in some cases as living works of art - I was particularly taken with the films and drawings of his living sculptures at Cae’n y Coed. The long term nature of some of them was a delight and felt really hopeful.

“Cork Dome”

“Oak Leaves”

Tool marks on a piece of work

Words on his parish boundary map

“Blue Ring”

“Nature to Nature”