Yesterday I paid a visit to the Towner Gallery. I’ve been once before, a couple of years ago, then it had a white exterior, and that was what I was expecting and looking for.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I had little or no mobile internet accessible from my phone. I felt disjointed and vulnerable. I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. Still, I was planning this trip to Eastbourne, and I’m not familiar with the town. I sorted the issue but decided that I’d try and find my way around without resorting to the online map. I wanted to reduce my reliance on the computer in my pocket.

I arrived at the station and followed a sign marked “Way out: Town Centre” - a good start. As I stood on the street, I resisted the temptation to pull up my phone and get the map up. I looked around and saw a sign saying “Towner Gallery” and followed it. I walked for a while, and then had to make a choice, but was abandoned by all pedestrian signage. I saw a road sign towards the Devonshire Park Theatre, which I remembered as being somewhere close by, so I knew I was in the right area but wasn’t sure where to go next. So I pulled a map up on my phone and got myself on to College Road. I then put my phone back into my pocket and walked along the road, I followed a bend in the street and saw this.

I’d definitely found the right place. All galleries should use their external surfaces as a canvas from time to time.Dance Diagonal by Luthar Götz is a fantastic landmark for the visitor.