W2W2 - What I sent

I enjoyed participating in last years Weaver to Weaver project organised by Meg. So, when she asked if anybody was interested in doing it again, I said Yes.

I thought I’d make some woven bookmarks again. But this time I’d use some of the threads that I got in my weaver to weaver package from Jane last year and connect this years weavers to those I received packages from last year.

Weaving Project 42

Uses the dark blue thread as a warp, and the beautiful, shiny, turquoise thread as a weft. It’s done as 2:2 leno. It didn’t take too long to do and I’m really happy with how delicate it has ended up being.

Weaving Project 43

The inverse of 42. Turquoise warp, dark blue weft.

Weaving projects 42 and 43

I can’t decide which I like the best!

The packages

In each of the packages were:
* one of the bookmarks
* a magazine (see below)
* one of the log cabin coasters — one of the first projects that I completed on my new loom that I could call a success
* a set of sample threads from the handweavers studio which never fail to make me consider the colours and the textures and just set my brain in motion


For Christmas I decided that Mum would buy me a subscription to a couple of weaving related magazines. So, I ordered 4 different ones for me to compare. The magazines that I’ve included in the packages are the ones I’ve decided not to order. Not because they’re not good and interesting - they all were. But because they weren’t what I actually discovered that I wanted to read about at this point. I’ve opted to subscribe to magazines that are more about textiles than specifically about weaving - Selvedge and Väv if you want to know the details. I’m still very new to the whole textile area and haven’t got a lot of background knowledge yet. I hope that my weaving friends will be interested in reading a different magazine and will be able to get some inspiration from them.

The weavers

Both of my weavers have now received their packages, hence me finishing and publishing this post. Margreth wrote about her package here, and Margery here. I hope they feel they got a fair exchange and enjoyed getting their package as much as I enjoyed getting the ones from them.