Another Sunday, another Finish at Home Sunday roast. This time from Botanique. It was delivered to us beautifully presented with simple instructions, and it arrived exactly on time. There was a good quantity leaving me full enough for a nap but in no discomfort. It was tasty, not too salty and didn’t feel fatty. Would definitely have again.


On our evening walk with the dog, I found daffodils blooming. That’s not normal.


I got us tickets to the No such thing as a fish live stream. Over 90 minutes of facts and funnies. A lovely way to end my working week.


I’ve got quite a lot of plain wholemeal flour in my cupboard which is best before January. So I decided to try and use it in bread. I’m obviously not the only person to consider this as I found this recipe to follow. The dough behaved well and gave a good rise.


Having made stollen stones last weekend, I had quite a bit of marzipan left, so I thought I’d try this marzipan loaf cake. It smelt amazing when I was preparing it. It’s quite a soft and spongy loaf. Yet to be tasted.

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