I tried sunography.


At the end of July, I ordered myself a weighted blanket. I was considering it as something to help me relax after a working day, but also something to help if I woke up in the middle of the night with a busy head. After researching various options and reading some of the reviews, I opted for one from Mela. It arrived last week. I kind of tried it last week but frankly, it was too hot to be underneath a blanket, so I decided to wait a while. Friday was cooler. Richard was busy working. And I was sitting in the garden with my audiobook. So I thought I’d give the weighted blanket an outing. It is heavy to carry around, weighing the same as my dog, so isn’t going to be going on any outings anytime soon! I definitely nodded off at least once and had to restart the chapter of the audiobook. I’m classing it as a success. I’m thining that it might be something I can integrate into my working from home transition ritual, especially as the days become colder. There is a slight risk that I fall asleep every time mind you!

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