A few weeks ago Richard found a paper bag in his wardrobe. When he investigated, he discovered that it was a birthday, or potentially even Christmas, gift for me. So I gained a belated birthday present. It was a couple of Sunography kits.

On Sunday morning, as is often the case, we’d been to St Leonard’s Forest to give Skitters a walk. She’d enjoyed a rampage through the ferns and had torn some leaves off. So I figured I’d bring them home and try out a sheet of Sunography paper.

The instructions said that I could use both sides of the paper, so I did just that. I arranged the ferns on one side and gave it about 12 minutes. When I picked the paper up, I could see an outline of the ferns, so I knew something had taken — time to try the other side.

I quickly looked around the garden and found some brightly colour plastic flowers which let lots of light through, and have an interesting shape. So I figured I’d arrange them and see what happened.

In the event, I’m really pleased with the shading on this one. And opened up some possibilities to achieve shades rather than purely white or blue.

Having rinsed the paper under the tap, I left it to dry on my kitchen surface. In retrospect, I should have followed the suggestion of trying it beneath a heavy book to prevent the paper from curling up — something to try next time.