I had to go to Boots to collect a prescription. So I wore a mask. We’ve been very fortunate in that we have a bag of masks and none of them we’ve had to source for ourselves. Richard’s Dad sent us some. And two different friends sent us some as well. It’s nice to feel cared for. This was the first shop of any description I’ve been in for two months (our local Waitrose sorted out Click and Collect slots in mid-April, and we’ve been doing that ever since). I don’t remember ever being so nervous about going into a shop. It was a combination of factors. I didn’t know what the store’s entry policy or routing through the store would be. Not did I have any way of knowing whether the other customers would be taking social distancing seriously or not. Not to mention would my prescription be ready or would I have to wait? It was all ok, and I was able to be in and out reasonably quickly, and though warm, the mask wasn’t a problem. I’ve managed to buy everything I’ve needed online over the past few months and have made an effort to support local businesses where I can. I will continue to do this for the near future, I think until everything feels a bit more settled. Whenever that might be.

I started listening to the new Calm masterclass on Stoic Wisdom for Modern Life. It is recorded by Ryan Holiday. The first few episodes have been engaging, so I imagine I’ll finish the masterclass over the next week or so.


A combination of the cake recipe I used a couple of weeks ago and this one led to a lemon and blueberry Victoria sandwich cake. It is a lemon cake with blueberry jam, lemon buttercream. And it has crushed, dried blueberries with caster sugar sprinkled on the top. There was no sinkhole to disguise and fill with jam and cream this time. I think Richard is a little disappointed by that, to be honest!

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