This time, I used paper from the other pack that Richard bought me. These are smaller and coloured rather than white. I used the blue paper this time. I’d been eyeing up the sea glass that I keep in a pot on the bathroom window and wondering how it would work. So I thought I’d give it a go, and choosing the blue piece of paper seemed to make sense given the sea theme.

For the first piece, I emptied all the glass on to it and spaced it out quickly. I then left it in the sun for 18 minutes which was a bit too long. The sun vanished behind a cloud for some of the time, and I overestimated how much extra time I should give it. Hence it is a bit overexposed.

The second piece was more designed. However, I hadn’t planned it out before I started. I think that the sea glass has potential for more experiments, as it allows some light through giving that element of shading that I enjoyed last time as well.

And here are the behind the scenes photos: