Having noticed the positive effect of counting trees, I’ve continued this practise over the last few weeks.

Trees are glorious things

The Monday after that last post I walked beneath 66 trees.
On Wednesday of that week, I managed 76 trees.
The following Monday, I counted 88 trees.
I found 96 trees on Wednesday.
On Thursday, I collected 130 trees.
And last Monday I topped out at 151 trees. The only part of my journey that was the same as my original route was the bit at the very start where I leave my house and walk down my street. And there aren’t any other options for that bit.

So I’ve ended with 5.5 times as many trees as on my default starting point of 27 trees. That feels incredible. As part of this exploring, I’ve found some more peaceful ways to get to the office. The longest takes, at most, 5 minutes longer than my default route. So if it’s a dry day that 5 minutes feels like a great use of my time.