For the first time ever I went on a City break with only my mobile phone camera. Usually I’d take the Nikon d7000 and a couple of lenses. But I decided that I’d see what it was like to travel light.

And I loved it.

The more traditional view from the top of the cable car. It took me a while to work out why it looked peculiar to me - it's the lack of large boats and ships on the horizon. The sea looks like it goes on and on and on. Beautiful.

I took all my holiday snaps of one of the most photogenic cities I’ve ever been to (Dubrovnik) with the standard iPhone camera. I edited them on my iPhone using Snapseed. I shared them using instagram, flickr, and facebook.

Gorgeous light at Fort Royal, Lokrum

My working process was:

  • take photos
  • favourite the best ones
  • edit the favourites in Snapseed
  • favourite the Snapseed edits
  • add the final batch of favourites to an album
  • share a handfull of the day’s best offerings to instagram
  • allow flickr to auto upload using the apartment wifi as a backup

ALP 1973 by Dušan Džamonja (at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Dubrovnik)

The process isn’t perfect. For instance, there isn’t a good way of getting favourited photos on the iPhone to be favourited in the Photos app. That’s why I created an album for them. But I then couldn’t find a way to get the photos from the album onto my mac. In the end I exported them via airdrop to Richard’s mac (my mac is too old to be an airdrop target). Then exported them from there to dropbox. And imported them into Photos. And finally created an album there. From which I could create a photo book.

What I loved, though, was that I edited the photos whilst I was still in the city. Not several months later on my computer at home in a place that feels different. And I’m pleased enough with how the photos ended up looking as well.

A good and worthwhile experiment. Now to plan the next city break.