This is my 3rd attempt at a dog treat bag. And the 2nd for myself. The one I made myself last year is finally looking a bit worst for wear. It has lasted well. I did do some remedial stitching on the attachment tab at the top but that was all. The canvas backing I’d put into it had caused the most damage as it had worn the fabric away.

Version 1 looking a bit battered

I liked the design of the bag I made for Richard so decided I’d use that as a base. On using it Richard had discovered that the attachment tab didn’t hang well. It tended to hang open meaning it was nice and easy for a small dog to get her snout in and steal treats. Not ideal!

For my 3rd attempt, I used another of the deckchair canvas squares. Actually I used half of one of them. The treat bag isn’t huge. I used some blue fabric I had left over as the top section. And I lined it with some orange fabric I had left over from this. The only thing I bought for this bag was a tiny bit of ribbon to use as an attachment. And I could have just used fabric - it was just an excuse to buy some ribbon! I even made the ties by fringe twisting some existing yarns. So a good stash busting project.

I made two changes to the design I’d used for Richard’s version. Change 1: I attached the tab to the top most part - where the inner meets the top section. Change 2: I added an internal divider. This is to divide treats from bags (tho isn’t visible in the photos).


I haven’t tried this out yet, so I can’t report on it’s function. But at least someone likes the look of it!