This is my first attempt at making things using air-dry clay. I made some little marzipan figures earlier in the month and remembered how much fun I’d had at a pottery class last year. And in January’s edition of The Simple Things magazine, there had been a couple of ‘recipes’ for clay candle holders. I’d never heard of air-dry clay before that. So I had a look online and decided to buy one of the Sculpd kits as a starting point.

I had a Monday off in mid-January and used the afternoon to have a play. This is one of the pots I made. Since then, I’ve sanded it, applied a few layers of white paint, and then applied sealant. It won’t be waterproof, despite the sealant, but should be water-resistant and shouldn’t collapse if it does get damp through watering the plant. And once the spider plant is too big (the pot is only 7cm in diameter) I’ll swap it out for a small succulent of some description.

I’m pleased with how it looks. It’s going to sit on my home desk and keep me company during my workdays.