It has been about 10 months since I bought and reviewed my Braun PixelBank and overall I still find it useful and handy.

With and SD card inserted, and a copy going on

A couple of months ago I had quite a backlog of photos to clear, and as my habit is not to clear down a card until after I've processed and backed up the images I had run out of media. I decided to buy a nice, shiny new 4GB SD HD card and headed off on my holiday armed with that, some other cards and my Pixelmate. After taking a days worth of photos I turned it on, plugged in my card and pressed the play button... and nothing happened... usually it starts copying the files and I get to watch the percentage increase (slowly!). But this time it didn't recognise the card at all. I haven't really got a way of double checking that it is a HD problem rather than that specific card, but that is my assumption as all the other non SD cards work ok, and the HD card works fine in the camera.