I’ve never kept a food diary before. I discovered that it did make a change on what I ate even when I was trying to accurately mimic a “normal” day. I tried to avoid things that were difficult to measure or describe.

The logging system within Zoe is quite easy to use. It can scan barcodes - and has a surprisingly wide collection of products. It can also use a photo of a recipe to discern ingredients and quantities. And you can share a meal or recipe with a friend.

In the three days I ate at home for all but one meal - breakfast with a friend. I had pre-warned her that I was doing the Zoe programme and so would be logging my food. This allowed her to contribute - she called out ingredients and I guesstimated quantities. It wouldn’t be exact but it wouldn’t be far out either.

Only one moment of panic - when I woke up and discovered I’d been “in the red” for a large portion of the night. What did this mean? Should I be making an appointment with my GP immediately? I found some reassurance on the Zoe app FAQ which told me that, among other reasons, sleeping on the sensor could have that effect. If I’d realised that I’d have placed the sensor on the side I sleep on less often.

For the rest of the life of the sensor - another 10 days or so - it’s up to me whether I log food or not. The more I log the more I learn. So I’d like to try and continue so I cover at least a week as my routine is different across work days and weekends.