Yesterday Journal for WS&D tweeted

Great article here about @LondonCloth  … Wonderful to see old looms brought back to life

which introduced me to the London Cloth Company and to Daniel Harris.

Photos from London Cloth Company website

The article linked to, touching cloth: daniel harris, is a lovely introduction to what Daniel is doing, but after a bit of digging I found some more background and context.

From The Textile Society Bursary awards page

Daniel began as a technician in the fashion business. In October 2010, driven by the inspiration to make garments from his own cloth, he researched old industrial looms and was inspired by their largely Victorian level of technology, which was intricate yet understandable.

I love that phrase "intricate yet understandable"...

And then I found DANIEL HARRIS — AN AUDIENCE WITH which is a wonderful article, full of great phraseology and beautiful photography. 

Each pile of girders, springs and batons has seen decades of use. Many came from the furthest reaches of the British Isles - Wales and the most distant counties of Scotland are regular destinations. Old men and women, the last of their generation are selling their equipment as they retire. If not the weavers themselves, their children now in their senior years, held onto these machines because they seemed too precious to scrap but without the expertise, they are cumbersome sentimental relics.

The photos of the looms are beautiful, and I'm very excited by the bit in the audience with article that says

Now he’s hoping to open a functioning museum where the public can visit and professionals can place orders. “It’s essential that we have it in London. When we open up our museum it will be the only working textile museum here”

I can't wait to get an opportunity to experience it