WP64: Finished

In October I bought myself a blazer. I’d been thinking about it for a while. All my current jackets had been around a while, and I wanted something smarter. When it arrived I realised it had a great lining. And I could make a scarf that brought together the outer colours with the inner colours.

I popped in to my local yarn shop and had a look at the different yarns and colours against the lining. These were my winners. Two varieties from Sublime - Extra fine merino wool dk for the black and pink, and Baby cashmere merino silk dk for the blue which has a slight shine to it.

WP64: Colour planning stage

I designed this to use a simple pick up pattern of 1/3 warp floats. But this time I used two pick up sticks and alternated the pick up to make a pattern within a pattern. This has given a softer feeling to the thicker stripes and has added a bit more interest. The thin stripes are still solid. I also offset the repeats so the blue and pink stripes are slightly different. I’d worried that the two pick up stick approach was going to be tiring, but actually it was fine. It worked well and added some variety which pleases me. I finished it with some fringe twisting which does give it a good finished look.

Wet finishing was a bit of a pain. I hand washed it in the sink using my reliable baby bath thermometer to determine the heat of the water. And then I popped it in my washing machine for a rinse and spin. Only when I took my scarf out did I discover that the previous wash had obviously had a tissue in it. So there was a lot of picking off bits of white fluff. As you can see from the photos I didn’t manage to get them all off.

I don’t have another project on the go at the moment, though I do have a few tentative plans. I seem to have lost my crafting mojo a bit. Not sure why. I haven’t had a chance to do much crafting for a while so maybe that’s why.

Anyway, here is the finished scarf with the blazer. I’m rather pleased with how it looks. And when I compare it to the first scarf I wove 18 months ago it really shows how far I’ve progressed. This one hasn’t left the house yet due to the recent weather. Maybe today will be the day.

WP64: With the blazer