Fiboscarfi and Lincolnshire little waffle hat

As I briefly mentioned in my WIPs and UFOs post the other week I’ve been experimenting with using a pick up stick whilst making part of a blanket. It turns out that using a pick up stick is fun.

Out of the various hats I’ve made over the autumn/winter the one that I like the most is probably the Lincolnshire little waffle. The only problem is I didn’t really have a scarf to go with it. And I like to have a scarf-hat combo that matches. So I decided to interrupt blanket making to knock out a scarf.

For one of the panels I’d made on the blanket I’d decided to add some colour. And I’d used the fibonacci sequence to determine how much colour and where to put it. I liked how it looked so I designed this scarf with that in mind.

I used the left over orange yarn from the hat and bought medium and dark grey in the same aran yarn - Drops Nepal. I used the lighter grey for the warp and the darker grey for the weft. I decided that I wanted to keep the use of orange to a highlight so thought I’d make it a warp float. The pattern was multiples of 4 warp threads - and I was using 20 repetitions. I set the first 4 repetitions up in grey (1 + 1 + 2). I set the next 3 up with orange as the primary float colour (3), and then grey for the final 13 (5 + 8).

The pick up stick followed a 1 up, 1 down pattern.

The weft pattern was:
* Up
* Neutral + pick up stick
* Up
* Down
* Up + pick up stick
* Down

I did a fibonacci start and end to the scarf as well and put 3 single orange picks in the weft float section.

Fiboscarfi end

It was an enjoyable and quick project. I also got to use my fringe twister to get the fringe secured which makes the finish look much neater. I then hand washed and machine rinsed/drained/slow spun it before drying it. And I love how it looks.

Fiboscarfi being worn

It hasn’t left the house yet as we’re fortunate to be having a nice warm spell but it feels like it’ll be warm. My only concern is that it might be too itchy so I may need to look into lining it. Time will tell.