A stack

I have written an individual post about each of the different bookmarks I’ve made during the run up to Christmas, but I thought I’d write a wrap-up post, a summary if you like to save you feeling the need to read them all separately.

All of the bookmarks follow the same pattern: 8 x plain weave, followed by a set of brooks bouquet, followed by a further 8 rows of plain weave etc but they all have different threads. With the exception of number 20 they all have 20 threads of warp. Some have been made using an embroidery silk warp. Others using a crochet cotton warp. The weft has been silk, cotton or wool. In each case, despite the pattern being the same, and similar threads being used, the results have been quite different. Either based on how they look, or how they feel, or sometimes both. Some of the ones that look the most impressive, aren’t as soft and fluffy as others.

This started out as a means to learn more about texture, and how I respond to the different textures. And it’s kind of worked. Although, I still can’t look at a thread and know whether it’s going to be a pleasure or a pain to work with, or whether the end result will be a delight or a disappointment.


Left to right we have 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24

What I’ve learnt:

  • using a cotton crochet thread as a warp is much easier to work with, but doesn’t look as lovely in the finished article. So, probably more embroidery silk warp threads for me (when working at this scale anyway)
  • some combinations are more pleasing than others. The starting project, number 18, is really pleasing to the touch and to the eye (now anyway, I was really critical of it during the making phase)
  • the ones made using the finer threads have been much more satisfying
  • the ones made using the two plied threads (22 and 24) look less polished and neat, and I do like my work to look neat and tidy
  • what I think about a bookmark immediately after finishing it, isn’t necessarily what I end up thinking about it. Some I’ve loved, and then gone off a bit, others have been more of a slow burn (number 19). Even now, with the exception of number 20 - which is upstairs in a drawer with number 18 - I like them all.

I didn’t start off with a full list of recipients in mind, I had a few people in mind (the recipients of 21 and 22 for instance) and wasn’t sure realistically how many I’d manage to make so didn’t want to pressure myself (as I knew that’d upset the tension). Some were made with the recipients in mind (numbers 23 and 24) and others were allocated only when I’d finished and realised that I’d produced something that I thought the recipient would like and appreciate (number 19) even though they got a bookmark last Christmas as well. As I said before, this was a learning exercise and not all thread combinations were winners and so I couldn’t guarantee I’d be satisfied with what I’d made.

Anyway, I hope the recipients like them and find a use for them.