We bought tickets for the quarter-final match of the women’s euros months ago. We knew there was a possibility it could feature England, but nothing was certain. The match was being held in the Amex stadium (renamed to the Brighton Community Stadium temporarily) as were two of the first-round games. And so it seemed like a great opportunity to see some top-class sport.

As a reminder to myself: when an international sporting event appears in your city, take the opportunity to go and watch it.

We had a great evening. The atmosphere was wonderful. So many families, with small children watching the game. The crowd were supportive and kind. And clean-mouthed. I don’t think I heard any shouty, sweary comments. I’m used to being at football matches and feeling a little intimidated in case someone nearby kicks off (admittedly it’s been a few years since I last went to a match and things may have changed). But I felt relaxed in the surroundings. Not necessarily relaxed watching the match - I kept noticing that I had my hands clasped together!

A great experience.