the site is only possible because of the relative permanence of analogue photography. The images on the site are, of course, digital, but they could only have been created using old photographic prints. All of which means that it will be very difficult to do something like this in 30 years' time.

When Dad died, and I had to empty the family home, I brought home lots and lots of photographs. Some are annotated, some are not. Some are in albums, many (the vast majority) are not. We gathered all of these together, the prints, the slides, but not the albums, and added our own piles of photographs to them too and sent them all off to Click2Scan to be scanned. A total of 6600+ photographs. All waiting to be tagged, processed and for something to happen to them/with them. The physical images themselves will then go into the loft and stay there. The same will happen with the slides, but they had already degraded much quicker than the prints and so their lifespan is finite.

I've got into the habit, in recent years, of making photo books of significant events - holidays, celebrations etc - and am considering putting together more books from this incredible digital archive I now have. Something physical, that I can flip through, and revisit when I feel the need.