So, a few paragraphs (Wired UK magazine - Oct 11, Page 68 "David Rowan - Why Larry Page indexes web pages" [not linked to as I'm in a cottage in the middle of nowhere with enough mobile internet (if I hold the phone in the exact right spot) to consume but not to interact [this is posted by email])]) about names and dates influencing our life choices. I felt a rant coming on, and rather than subject Richard to it, I thought I'd blog it instead. So:

1) I'm a married female and I changed my name when I got married. Does that mean my job needed to change as well? Yet another theory that misses the female picture. And presumably the non-English speaking community too - Icelandic names are familial based, I'm sure others are too.

2) My current career didn't really exist in years gone past, in the years when the majority of names/surnames evolved. So should my (and everyone else's) career choices be limited to what surnames are currently in existence? Are surnames likely to evolve to follow careers?

3) "Owners of hardware shops are 80 per cent more likely to have names beginning with H as opposed to R" - hmm nothing to do with creativity/branding influencing the choice of name then? Two brothers, one named Harry, one named Robert, open a hardware shop - Harry's hardware is a more obvious, and memorable, name. 4) Rhyming? Alliterative? Suggested by? Vaguely related to? Everyone has at least one name, many have two or more. If you try hard enough you should be able to find a link somewhere, to something they may have done once.

And anyway, what jobs would either Dallaway or Fothergill make me most suited to exactly? Or maybe even Jane? (Answers in the comments if you can come up with any)