I started using delicious many years ago and have built up quite a collection of (mostly) tagged bookmarks. With the (now confirmed) rumours of delicious being shut down doing the rounds I've exported my data in preparation for a change of service and started thinking about what I currently want from a bookmarking service, and here is what I've come up with:

  • Ability to tag my bookmarks 
  • Ability to export my bookmarks annotated with tags (and notes if appropriate) 
  • Ability to import my delicious bookmarks keeping the tags and notes
  • Ability to bookmark pages from a browser via a bookmarklet
  • Ability to bookmark an article from my RSS reader (google reader on my laptop/work PC and Reeder on my iPhone) 
  • Ability to bookmark a page through instapaper on the iPhone (currently I use ping.fm to do this for delicious via email which is a bit of a kludge
  • Ability to search through my bookmarks to re-locate a site based on tag or notes 

I'm not too bothered about the social networking side of things with my bookmarks so I don't really have any requirements around this at the moment. I tend to read most content currently via Reeder or Instapaper, both of which have email capacity so I tend to fire off an email containing the link and annotations to relevant people, or even copy and paste the link into a tweet where appropriate.  I don't feel the need to create yet another social presence at this time.

So, what next? I'm going to start by reading through the suggestions made via this collaborative spreadsheet and pick out a few that seem to meet my initial requirements and then do a bit more digging into those.