Getting Paid for Photography Changes Everything
Everyone has a camera. Photography is fun. So when people learn that they can possibly be PAID to do this fun thing, their eyes open up like a fat kid in a cake shop. It looks like such a glamorous job, after all...

So here’s what I learned: it’s only fun and glamorous if you LOVE photography. And yes, we all “love” photography, but this is the kind of love that country singers talk about – the kind that hurts.

Photography as a hobby is much different than photography as a profession. If you don’t have this love or mindset, sulfur will rain from the sky, and you’ll quickly realize it’s not glamorous, doesn’t pay much, is very stressful, difficult, overly competitive, and you’ll hate every second of it.

A good reminder why I've pursued photography as a hobby and not as a profession - I enjoy it, I use it as a form of relaxation. Being directed and pressured isn't what I want from it at the moment.