There is an interesting question posed by The Simple Things this month. In an article entitled “Know a thing or two Ethical Beauty” they pose the question “What does ethical mean to you?”

Is it’s that the products are plastic-free? Refillable? Or 100% organic? It may be that they’re vegan and 100% cruelty-free? Or do you care more about brands that give back and support brilliant causes - like planting a tree with each purchase?

I’d never thought of it in quite so much detail as this. It was good to stop for a few minutes and think about that. And, at the moment, my priorities are:

  • cruelty-free
  • plastic-free
  • organic

But I fully appreciate that over time that can and will change.

When I think of the contents of my bathroom cabinet I’m still not completely there yet. There have been some products that I’ve found hard to source at a quality that works for me. I’m willing to compromise in some areas, but I still want to have a moisturiser with SPF or waterproof mascara (I tried the alternative and spent the day looking like a panda).

Still a work in progress, but also still something I consider for every purchase.