Written on 16th December, and then held as a draft until today as I now know that at least one of my weaver’s (Meg) has received her package of goodies and I assume that if the New Zealand one has arrived, the US one should have as well. Actually, I received a little package of my own on Christmas Eve and I’m just waiting for some photograph worthy daylight so I can open it up. Maybe tomorrow?

As I mentioned a while ago I signed up to Meg’s Weaver to Weaver exchange project. Over the past few weeks I’ve been gathering together things to send, and have two little gossamer bags stuffed full of things. I wanted to send a sample of my weaving as well so I’ve just completed smaller versions of the pattern I’ve been doing for projects 18 to 24. This time they’re not bookmarks as they’re too small but they will be mounted on a card which I will use to explain the items in the gossamer bag.

Weaving project 25 - mounted as a card decoration

I used my normal picture frame loom, and warped it as with all the previous brooks bouquet projects, using 20 strands of the silver-grey como silk that I couldn’t get to work as a weft on project 22. And I used the black crochet cotton I used as a warp in projects 22 and 23 as a weft. Another experiment in threads and textures. I turns out that this is a great combination which comes as a relief as for weaving project 26 (currently in my head and yet to be warped up) I’m planning to use the como silk as a warp as it has a lovely sheen and that’s exactly what I’m after for that project.

Two sets for weaver to weaver

In the packages I’m sending are the following:

  • a card, with this project mounted on it which (I hope) will explain the following
  • a set of photos, printed with my pogo printer and annotated on the back, which are basically about me and my journey into weaving
  • a smaller set of photos, again printed with the pogo printer and annotated, which are my current inspiration imagery - taken from my recent trip to Finnish Lapland and which weaving project 26 will use as inspiration
  • a set of 8 5m long lengths of thread taken from my working weaving box. These are threads that I’ve either used recently - quite a few have seen use during the brooks bouquet texture experiment - or that I’ve loved working with in the past. It includes the two threads that are used on the sample too. I wasn’t sure whether to do this bit or not but when I received my recent bundle of threads from therainbowgirl I had such a lovely time touching and looking at them and deciding what to use them for that I hope my recipients have the same joy
  • a small crocheted flower - left over from experiments to find the perfect colour scheme for hair-slides to go with the little miss two bag - to show that it isn’t all weaving
  • a small notebook - the same size as the one I carry in my bag to scribble down craft project ideas

It’s been an interesting project, pulling together things about me, my inspiration and practices. I hope the recipients enjoy receiving them and I look forward to finding out if and how they use the threads.