Probably the final one. And at the time of writing, when it’s the only one in view, it is one of my favourites. But as with all of these things when I look at or touch the others, my opinion changes again. Regardless, I think I’ve now exhausted my list of people who could ever, possibly, be even remotely interested in a hand woven bookmark. Every one I’ve made has adjusted who gets which one based on which I think suits who the best. It’s getting complicated!

This one follows the same pattern as the all of the others, and uses an embroidery cotton warp (taken from the threads that came with the iPhone case last year) and another of the hand dyed threads from therainbowgirl - this was a 2 ply woven thread with variation in thickness - similar to that used in projects 2 and 22. These threads are pretty much the perfect length for use in a bookmark. They’re 3 metres long and I had around 40cm left when I’d finished. I went for 9 panels again, because this leaves the weft at the right side for hem-stitching the ends.


I’m, currently, delighted with this (the ends will calm down, the photo was taken before it had time to settle, but whilst there was some daylight). The combination of shine from the embroidery cotton and matt, softness from the thread work together well. And it was pleasant to make as well - this embroidery cotton is a lot less splitty than some others. Also I’d got over my “it must be even” after doing weaving project 22 so was much more chilled out about the variation in shape in the panels. Interestingly, the shapes in the panels were the first thing that Richard commented on, so again, it’s interesting how my appreciation of the materials used affects my feeling on the final item.

Disclaimer: post written in early December and held back until after Christmas. If the tenses don’t make sense, assume this is the reason :-)