Weaving project #12 is another bookmark, following the same draft as weaving project #11. This one designed and made with the prime purpose of being used by me. 

Weaving Project #12 on the loom

It only took me a couple of hours to weave it, and so it turns out that making bookmarks is a very good mechanism to determine how pleasing a draft will be to me. As you can see from the picture above I ended up with a wonky right hand edge. I know exactly why as well. Normally my right hand edge is the straight edge, and the left one is wonky. However, my warp slackened off towards the right, and, for me at least, a slack warp results in untidy edges.

It didn't look too bad when I took it off the loom but I thought I would experiment a bit and attempt to block it (my first ever try at blocking). It was raining, and I couldn't be bothered to leave the house, so I scrabbled around a bit to see what I could find. The end result was a tea tray, some cardboard, some brown packing tape and a lot of pins. I pinned the edges as straight as I could by eye, sprayed it with cold water, and left it to dry out. 

Weaving Project #12 being blocked

And here's the finished article - the colours in the top two pictures are a much better reflection of reality actually thinking about it. The blocking definitely has made a difference, although I need more practice at it and should probably get out a ruler and draw some guiding lines to pin against. Still, overall pretty happy with it, and am looking forward to using it.

The yarns used are Sidar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK for the warp, and Wendy Mode for the weft. This turned out to be a really pleasing combination, so I've just ordered some more of both (lime green as warp and shale as weft) for a larger project to follow later in the year once I've got my larger picture frame loom set up.

Weaving Project #12 finished

Project #13 is already planned out (another lavender bag) and the loom is set up ready for me to begin and project #12 is just waiting for me to finish my current eBook so that I can get one of the physical books in my reading queue out and start using it.