I stumbled across Meg’s blog a few weeks ago, which was great timing to hear about the Weaver to Weaver project she’s running.

Basically, the idea is:

Collect small free or inexpensive items that inspire you as a weaver, that show something of your weaverly thinking/feeling, or something achingly lovely. Put a few in a “normal sized” envelope; I’m thinking a medium Christmas card size, or “business” size roughly one-third of an A4 or Letter size sheet.

You might want to write a short letter. Or not. You might include a tiny drawing, a photograph, a sample swatch, a bundle of thrums, or something else entirely. If mailing overseas, be careful of plant matters as some countries are very strict about what comes into the country.

Meg is currently taking names and details and will then connect weavers together next week.

I’ve signed up as it sounds like it could be fun, and it’ll be great to see what inspires proper weavers. Now to plan what goes into the envelopes (I’ve signed up to send two!) I’m expecting to send. Exciting!