My second weaver to weaver package arrived on Thursday. It came in a lovely, shiny blue envelope and contained a really pretty card and beautiful colour-coordinated contents from Jane in the UK. (Jane put no contact details in or website details so I can’t link to anything sadly)

Weaver to Weaver 2nd package

In the card were the following items:
* a pretty bluey green glass bead
* some turquoise silk (I think it’s silk, my thread identification needs some work) which is an absolutely beautiful colour
* a pale blue thin cotton - embroidery cotton weight
* a darker blue cotton, thicker than the pale blue (all three of these threads look to be ideal bookmark making threads but I’m not rushing into anything with them yet)
* some balls of fluff which I’m pleased to say Jane identified in her card as silk cocoons which she says “can be pulled open and woven into an item if you don’t want to learn how to spin!”

A really lovely bundle of items, I wish Jane had put in a website or contact details so that I could write her an email to say thank you. I may just have to ask Meg to share her details or pass on a message on my behalf instead.

As for the silk cocoons, well they feel beautiful, but I have no spinning equipment (as yet!). However, I did buy a friend a drop spindle kit for Christmas, so I hope she’s going to master it soon and then I can share my silk cocoons with her.

As I said before this has been a lovely project to be involved with and getting parcels with surprise contents has been a real pleasure.