The more I read about time management, the more I feel that I need to understand where my time goes.  I have systems in place for tracking the things I need to get done, but I don't really track my time, or my distraction quota at any given time, so I feel it is time to start.  So, I'm looking for an iPhone app to help. Here's what I want it to do:

  • allow me to record time as it happens, or retrospectively, against a task
  • allow me to have a hierarchy of tasks
  • allow me to record how distracted I am during a time period (I know that my best concentration time is around 3pm - 5.30pm but currently aren't sure what my other peaks and troughs are)
  • allow me to record notes against a task
  • allow me to export my data in some format so that I can analyse it and work out where my time drains are

I don't bill clients or anything, so I'm not bothered whether it allows me to have different rates per project etc

Any suggestions?