I signed up to send and receive two weaver to weaver packages this year (here are last years packages — 1, 2). One arrived just before Christmas, the other sometime whilst we were away. I saved them both until New Year’s Eve. Mainly so that I could open them in peace, and appreciate them. And appreciate them I did. Apologies for the photo quality. It’s raining again and there is no natural light to speak of.

From Margreth

The package from Margreth arrived the day before I sent my packages out. And it was so tempting to open it. But I was also a bit scared that if I did I’d want to change what I was sending. And what I was sending was relevant to what I can do currently as a weaver. I’m glad I made the choice I did and didn’t open it until I’d sent my package. Because I can’t match the quality of the weaving, and the great, almost museum style, annotations.

Margreth's sampler

I love the sampler, especially as it contains a panel with a pattern that has been haunting me all year — waffle. The small fabric sections are fantastic — especially as they list, and include samples of, the warp and weft threads which helps me in my wish to learn more about textiles and how thread choice influences finished works. These show such attention to detail. I must start doing something like this rather than rely on blog posts for my archive. I love how this package feels like I’ve been lent some precious objects from an archive somewhere, and yet, they’re mine. How wonderful!

Package from Margery

The package from Margery is different, more quirky I guess. I like that she’s included bits from her new car’s brochure — and I totally take her point — what if you only got 10 colours to choose your yarn in as you do with a new car! Margery included a notebook, with squared paper in, and backed in lovely,textured, woven fabric. I was going to go out and look for a squared paper notebook, so this is totally perfect. I couldn’t be happier. She also included some thread samples, a poem and picture, a picture card of a picture in her front room, some indonesian silk cocoons (which I’ve never seen before) and a fun leafcutter designs clothing tag.

Lovely care label

I am really pleased with my packages. They’re both totally inspirational, and, as with last years packs, are full of things that I’ll refer back to them through the year. Thanks w2w2 friends. And thanks Meg for organising it again. It has again been good fun, and feels like a lovely way to get continual inspiration.