On the 2nd of May 2021, I started a virtual Lands End to John O’Groats walking challenge.

This started because I wanted to do something to mark the final year of my 40s. I didn’t necessarily intend it to be a walking challenge. But an article in a newspaper, which I was using to protect the table while playing with clay stayed in my mind as I found myself wondering about it. I did a bit of research and discovered this one which started a few days after my 49th birthday. It has a map that gets updated with progress, sends me virtual postcards and, assuming I make it to (virtual) John O’Groats before the 1st of May next year then I get a medal.

End of May 2021

117.01 miles done. 756.99 miles left to go.

End of June 2021

117.62 miles done this month, making 234.63 miles done in total. 639.37 miles left to go.

End of July 2021

121.7 miles done this month, 356.33 miles in total. 517.67 miles left to go.

End of August 2021

161.54 miles done this month, making 517.87 done in total, 356.13 miles left to go.

End of September 2021

150.93 miles done this month, 668.8 in total, 205.2 miles to go.