Following on from my post the other week about Photographs that changed the world, a petapixel tweet yesterday made me aware that the nurse featured in V-J Day in Times Square, one of the photos on the 13 photographs that changed the world article, had died at age 91 at he home in LA.

The Alfred Eisentstaedt photograph is copyrighted and is now the property of the Getty Museum, so I'll have to make do with posting a photograph taking at the same time by US Navy photo journalist Victor Jorgensen which is entitled "Kissing the war goodbye".

File:Kissing the War Goodbye.jpg

The people featured in this iconic photograph weren't known at the time - it wasn't until 1970 that Edith Shain, the lady who has just died, wrote to the photographer, Alfred Eisentstaedt, and claimed to be the nurse.

A quick search on flickr shows just how many people have re-enacted this image.