Two screen viewing has become an acceptable thing - watching the tv, whilst interacting with social media on a phone or tablet you have near by. I realised the other day that my preferred method for reading instapaper involves two screens. I mostly read my queued up instapaper articles on my kindle, my kindle is my preferred way to read most digital content actually. The screen is gentle. There are no distractions. However, there is also no way to interact with my instapaper backlog through the kindle publication. So, I usually read it from my kindle, using my phone or tablet so that I can mark an article as read, or so I can tweet an extract (something I do quite a lot).

I only realised the other day how much this says about how much I prefer the reading experience of my kindle given how much less involved the process would be if I just read straight from my phone or tablet.

I wonder if my reliance on instapaper will change if the send to kindle button becomes more prevalent on the pages I’m interested in.