I baked these Raspberry honey flapjacks with the idea of using up some of the frozen raspberries I have in my freezer. I’d forgotten how amazing the smell of flapjacks is, and getting them out of the oven there was this amazing smell of raspberries as well. There are still frozen raspberries in my freezer, so these are highly likely to happen again. (Excuse the light in the photo, I meant to take a better one once I’d cut it into pieces, but it disappeared too quickly!)


After a tiring week of work, I enjoyed watching a live stream of Sandi Toksvig talking about her newest book Toksvig’s Almanac 2021. A lovely way to spend an hour and to appreciate the sheer wealth of knowledge that Sandi has at her fingertips.


As recovery from the tiring work week, I decided to do some baking. I find baking quite an effective way to slow my brain down a bit. Enough to focus on without it being overwhelming. There were a couple of bakes I’d been meaning to try, and so I did. Firstly, a malted soda bread which I’d found when I’d been looking for other bread recipes using malthouse flour. And then some ‘Moreish cheese shortbread’ which was a recipe a friend had suggested I tried. Both came out well and made a tasty Friday lunch.


I’ve ‘been to’ a few Hay Winter Weekend events. I enjoy the online chat, and the talks I watched live, had helpful comments from other attendees. I came away with book and podcast recommendations and links to more information about something an author had mentioned. I also managed to catch up on this talk and watch the end of Saturday comedy show as well. Hay festival, either the main festival or the winter weekend version, isn’t something I’ve experienced in real life. I enjoyed being able to get involved earlier in the year. And I feel privileged to have been able to do the same now.

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