Barcombe Nurseries, our veg box provider, sometimes have extra items we can add. This past week one of those was Persimmons. I didn’t really know what these were, so ordered them to find out. We received two. The first I sliced, and we ate it as is. The second one we cut into chunks and had with breakfast cereal. It was a good thing to try, I liked it, but it’s not racing up to the top of my favourite fruits list.

I baked some Buckwheat and whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. This is another recipe from the cookie book I bought almost two years ago. I’ve never used buckwheat flour before, and so I was intrigued and so searched online to find a small bag. I’ve also never used whole wheat flour in cookies before either. So, there were lots of new things being tried in one recipe. They came out a great colour and texture, and have been eaten throughout the week as morning treats.


I had my first delivery from Oddbox. A friend was singing their praises last week, so I thought I’d take advantage of her discount code and give it a try. (If you want to do the same, here’s a code for you to use. I already have a fruit and veg box from Barcombe Nurseries and am happy with that. Still, I always top up on extra fruit in our weekly groceries shop. So I thought I’d try the ‘Fruit Booster’ box. I am excited to work out what to do with my coconuts!

I tried a different recipe for a pizza base. This time from Hugh’s Veg book. It’s his “magic dough” recipe which he uses for pizza bases, flatbreads, pittas, breadsticks and even bread rolls. Versatile! It certainly made a good pizza base according to our needs - thin and crispy.

I had an email from Banff film festival telling me that they’d made another set of films available to watch. So we did just that, tho we have got two left to watch. As always, some of the films are funny, some are inspiring, and some are deeply emotional. The film Mountain in the Hallway had me in tears, and also made me think. Beautiful.


There was some dough left after making pizza bases, so I opted to make bread rolls. I kept the dough in the fridge overnight, and then knocked it back again, rolled it into balls, gave it another hour or so’s proving time and baked. They turned out great with a crunchy shell and fluffy innards. They were lovely warm out of the oven with melting butter.

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