I made my first English muffins. They are a bit too dark on the bottom - another time I’ll reduce the browning time and flip them over midway through the 10 minutes pan cooking time. But they’re super tasty. I had one with mushroom, spinach and a poached egg, and the next with plum jam. Both worked well.


We had a two-day break in a hotel which has an impressive array of English wines. So we tried some. The Hush heath Skye’s was a perfectly drinkable wine that the hotel offered as the sample for their English Wine event at 5 pm every afternoon. The hotel also gifted us a glass of the very lovely Chapel Down Bacchus as we were there to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. We tried two more with our meal - the Pinot Meunier was a bit too much for me, and the white Pinot Noir messed with my head a bit as I couldn’t get my head around whether it was really a white, or whether it was red wine in disguise.


We took a trip to a Forestry Commission forest - Hemsted forest - which wasn’t too far from Camber. Skitters was still suffering from a sore leg and so wasn’t up for too much exploring. So we sat down and watched lots of butterflies fluttering around. Very lovely. We also saw a squirrel, a frog and some form of lizard on our wander.

We tried another new English white wine - Tillingham - with our dinner at the Gallivant. Another good option. It’s a real treat to be able to order English wines by the glass and have the chance to try them out. (The Gallivant also hosts a wine tasting experience focused on English wines though, on this occasion, we didn’t sign up for it)


We stopped off at Brede High Woods on our way home from Camber. A vast woodland area which we touched only a small portion of. There are many more areas to explore next time we’re in that area. While we were wandering, we saw a tiny frog, several small lizards, and another flutter of butterflies — lovely opportunities to enjoy nature.


We took in a weekday matinee performance at BOAT. My first theatre visit since February. And both that show and this one were improvised musical theatre. This show had a great premise (movie night), with excellent direction from Oscar the film collector, and a slightly odd setting of “a kitchen in Rio” which was clearly pertinent to one group in the audience. Overall it was a great experience, and it felt so good to be back watching a live performance in what felt like a safe setting.

At some point, over the past few months, a new takeaway and restaurant has opened on Preston Street - Really Happy Chicken. I initially dismissed it as I’m not eating meat at the moment, and so wasn’t interested in a chicken restaurant. Then I realised why the chicken was happy - it’s a vegan place doing seitan dishes. We tried a burger, and some wings (and sides) and my only mildly negative observation was that the wings were more rib size than wing size - other than that it was all good and tasty and worth a visit.

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