Sunday saw me baking another recipe tried from the How to cook the perfect series. I’d prepared the dough on Saturday, but baked them on Sunday. I discovered there was a chocolate chip cookie recipe, so I had to try that. It would have been rude not to given the sheer amount of other chocolate chip cookie recipes I’ve tried. It’s good. It produced decent sized cookies. They are chocolatey - I used a combination of extra dark, dark and milk chocolate chips and the end of a dark chocolate bar. Another time I may swap out some chocolate and replace with some hazelnuts, or pecans. The sea salt flakes on the top are a great addition and make them feel more adult-focused.


Thursday brought us veggie burgers from a new (to us) restaurant - Patty & Bun. A tasty and quick option after a post-work dog walk.


Saturday’s dinner was from Semolina, a local bistro. I’ve never eaten at Semolina, but it’s been on my radar for a while. I spotted, through Instagram, that Jessica had ordered an “at home” kit and seemed impressed. She always seems to make good food choices, so I thought we should give it a go. It arrived prepared in containers with clear instructions ready for a simple process of reheat, plate up and serve. I enjoyed it. It felt special. It was well thought through. (Not sure my plating skills do justice to the quality of the food so consider these indicative)

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