Last week I mentioned that I was considering giving the 10 days of happiness programme from Action for Happiness a try. I signed up, and my first day was Monday. There are small exercises to think about, but nothing that takes up to much attention or time.


I spent most of Thursday afternoon interviewing people for a contract role via Zoom! Five interviews of half an hour each. It was tiring. And somehow talking to candidates through Zoom was more tiring than being in person. Tho I did get a chance to see people’s choice of decor!


Another different place for a walk. This time Coney Woods. The woodland itself was pleasant, but we accessed it via the A27 and Mill Road, and consequently, there was a lot of road noise. A sound that Skitters isn’t keen on. So I probably wouldn’t rush back.

I tried marinating tofu using this recipe for a stir fry. I’ve never really done much with tofu apart from as part of a more advanced recipe. All I wanted was to throw it into a stir fry with the leftover veggies from my fridge. It worked well, and in the event, we used the leftover marinade as our stir fry sauce. This is worth doing again.


I baked these. I had a delivery of white chocolate chips during the week. I’d originally been thinking of making some lemon cookies this weekend. But the lure of the white chocolate chips was too strong. And I’d got some fresh raspberries as well. So, inspired by the scones of a couple of weekends ago I thought I’d look for a cookie-based recipe. Most raspberry cookie recipes use either frozen or dried raspberries, but this traybake makes the most of the freshness by leaving some whole. One thing I realised baking these was just how uneven my oven temperature is. I normally rotate things mid-way through the baking process, but a friend had arrived to borrow something, and so I didn’t this time. The uneven colour of the bake gives away the nature of my oven!

I baked them for 20 minutes, and that has left them a little bit too soft in the middle - I need a fork to eat them. So, I think next time I’ll cook them for a little longer, and maybe reduce the amount of milk a little as well. The flavour is excellent, and the smell as I took the lid of their storage tin was delightful. A good choice.

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