I’ve had a Fitbit for years and use the app quite often to check on sleep and steps and the like. I noticed that they’d changed the free trial period for their Premium service from one to three months while we’re all at home. So I signed up. So far, I’m finding their home exercise content somewhat hard to navigate (there don’t seem to be particularly refined filters). The one class I have done so far was easy to follow and well-paced. I’ll try more.


Catching up on the office slack channels after my weekend, I noticed that someone had posted this example of 8D music. I’d never heard of 8D music before, but I found it incredible and immersive. Fortunately, Spotify seems to have a good selection of other 8D options for me to check out.


Tuesday evening’s delivery dinner was pizza from Purezza. A great selection of different flavours, well-executed, and didn’t feel like a compromise despite being vegan. We thought we might have over-ordered, but there was nothing left for lunch the following day! Not the cheapest option, but on the ‘to have again’ list.


Another delivery from Flour Pot bakery. This time, as it’s Easter weekend, I included some hot cross buns in the order, and some cakes as an Easter treat. I ordered a mini carrot cake and have to say it was a delight to eat, and it was super cute as well. I will be ordering one again to make sure it wasn’t a fluke!

When I was growing up, we had some lovely and much-loved family friends who lived down the road from us. Growing up, they felt like an extension of my family. When I went to University, every term Auntie Margaret would pack me off with a fruit loaf. On Friday, I attempted to recreate it. Her daughter kindly emailed me the recipe, and I thought this was as good a time as any to give it a go. I hadn’t realised it was actually a bran loaf until the recipe arrived. It is a straightforward bake. Soak All bran, sugar and dried fruit in milk for an hour. Add self-raising flour. Bake for an hour and a quarter. And you’re done.


I decided to make some foot bath bombs. I don’t have a bath, so don’t get to use bath bombs very often. But I do enjoy watching and feeling the fizz as they do their magic. I have a foot spa in a cupboard. And foot bath bombs exist. So I thought I’d make myself some. I’ve deviated from the recipe in that mine aren’t scented with mint. Instead, I’ve opted for rose and sandalwood as I want them to be relaxing rather than energising. I’ve used my Penguin ice cube tray as a mould. They’re resting in the fridge overnight, and if I say no more about them, then it’s safe to assume they weren’t the success I’d hoped for.

Day 11 of Active Coping April had the following task:

I found it to be a beautiful thing to spend time doing - looking for and appreciating the beauty that can be seen every day, everywhere. I tweeted my list as I wanted to share it, and I’ve added this activity to the list of things I know that help me shift my mood.

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