A couple of weeks ago, I received a photo card in the post from Richard. I hadn't heard of before the card arrived so it was a pleasant surprise. It arrived in a small plastic envelope with a first class stamp on it. It has quite a bit of Touchnote advertising on it, below the address and a small logo on the inside. More that a moo greeting card does for instance. The quality of the image on the front is acceptable, not the best reproduction I've ever seen, and not to photo standards, but good enough for what it is. The ability to add captions etc to the front is a nice touch too.


It appears to be a relatively simple process to order a card. The service links to Picasa or you can upload your photos directly. No flickrage unfortunately. There are also some sample images which can be used should you wish. Once you've selected your image, you can move your image around a bit, and zoom in - getting a low quality warning if you go too far. You can add speech bubbles, thought bubbles and captions if you want. You can then change what goes into the inside of the card, chosing a webcam shot of yourself for the inside, different emoticons, fonts, colours etc. Not a lot of options, but enough to customise it a bit. Once you're done, you can preview the card before progressing to the delivery options stage, and this is the bit that I can see being useful, the ability to get the cards delivered directly to your friends for you. The price for a single card is a bit steep at £1.99, plus postage but laziness costs right?

So, would I use them? I think if I had a bulk event to announce, maybe a house move, or something similar then yes because I'd let them do the posting as well. If I wanted to get my photos produced into a greeting card for me to send out, then I'll stick with the moo greeting cards because I've found them to be better quality and have a better finish.