I wasn’t delighted with the loaf I baked on Thursday. It was definitely bread, but it was quite dense. I wanted something a bit softer. So I had another look online and found this recipe which I liked because of the seed topping.

I kneaded by hand, so it’s probably a drier bread than it could have been, but as I’ve said before I enjoy the kneading process, I like feeling the substance and texture change.

I left it for 2 hours in my airing cupboard, and then shaped it and put it into the loaf tin. And then left it to do it’s second rise overnight in the fridge. This morning I slit the top, added egg and seeds to the top and baked it. This seems like quite a good compromise to having fresh bread in a morning without getting up at the crack of dawn, or having denser bread.

This came out looking great, and it is definitely a softer and more pleasing texture. I’ll be using this recipe again.