I had a courgette in the fridge that was looking a bit sad. Before it went to waste I thought I’d make some of these keto zucchini cheese muffins. They are a lovely light consistency, and have a good flavour - mainly egg and cheese, I didn’t really get any flavour from the courgette. I think I’d maybe add some pepper and possibly chilli flakes another time to give a bit of a kick. These would be a good breakfast - we had them as a lunch with a salad.

Notes for the future me:

  • I used the metric measurements given on the recipe
  • I swapped the butter for olive oil
  • I was a bit nervous about the quantity of dried herbs, so reduced them from a tablespoon to a teaspoon of both thyme and oregano. I was probably being over cautious
  • I had to bake them for closer to 20 minutes to get them to turn golden