You may recall that back in March my Mum got a letter from Lloyds advising her that it was Time to get back online. Given that she’s been dead for three years, I was somewhat concerned, and shocked, to receive such a communication. So I wrote a letter to Barry Jones, the Director of Digital Operations, expressing my concerns. I didn’t hear anything. So, after more than a month, I emailed a copy of my letter to Customer Services. About a week after that I got a phone call apologising and explaining that Mum’s internet banking account hadn’t been removed at the same time that her accounts were closed. Fair enough I thought. I’d got an answer. They’d reassured me that policies had been changed and it couldn’t happen to anyone else. They said they’d confirm this in writing.

A few days later I received a letter telling me that they’d upheld my complaint. Good, I thought. But, in the same postal delivery, there was a letter address to my Mum from Lloyds bank. It told her that

“We’ve cancelled the Text Alerts you registered for. This could be because you asked us to stop your Text Alerts, or your texts were continually failing to get through”

You couldn’t make it up. Or rather, if I saw this in a play, or a novel, or a film, I’d think it was too far-fetched, and this kind of thing just wouldn’t happen. Turns out it does!